Omar by Bridgett / Bridgett

I miss your bark as I came from school. I miss giving you those crazy baths. I miss brushing your beautiful, black, shiny fur. I miss you barking at my noisy go-kart.

I miss giving you treats after you sit, lay, and bark. I miss you shaking my hand with your paw. I miss rubbing your belly. I miss sneaking up on you. I miss you. I know in my heart that God sent you on this earth to me for a reason. The day that you came to me, you changed my life.

You made me a happier person. You were my best friend and loyal companion. I have always and will forever love you. I would give up everything that I have and own to get you back. You can never be replaced. I know that you and Gracie are having a wonderful time in Heaven.

I will see you in Heaven again. Wait for me at the gates and I will meet you there and you and I will take a walk. Watch over me and protect me like you always did because I need you in my life more than ever. I love you so much.


With Love Forever,
3, Apr 2005