Omar by Bridgett / Bridgett

Omar, words cannot express,
How you changed my heart.
We spent so much time together,
I thought that we would never be pulled apart.

We had those days,
Where we were happy and we were sad.
Yet, the happiness,
Seemed to outweigh the bad.

Your love and compassion,
Made my life turn.
You changed me,
And also made me learn.

You were my family,
A brother to me.
You not only changed my life,
But others, as you see.

Wishing that you were here,
Makes me feel like I cannot speak.
Knowing that you are gone,
Makes tears flow down my cheeks.

I know that you are with God,
And Gracie too.
Yet, me loving you,
I wish that I was there with you.

Your time here on this earth,
Seemed short to me.
Yet, it was your time to go,
To be with God and Gracie.

Without you with me,
I do not know what to do.
Knowing that you are in Heaven,
I cannot wait to one day be there with you.

I hope that you know I love you,
No matter what I did or said.
You will always be in my heart,
And this is not goodbye, but see you soon instead.


I will always and forever love you,
3, Apr 2005