Onri Layla by April and David / Mommy and Daddy

Onri Layla was one of an abandoned litter of 4. From the moment our eyes met, her bright blue eyes kept me captured. I was attached and it was love at first sight. After many nights of 2 hour feedings, she and her Daddy grew attached to each other as well. Onri was always following him around (when she wasn’t sleeping on his pillow next to his head or holding the bottle as he fed her and they stared into each others eyes). 2 of the kittens went to better homes, leaving Onri with a brother who died of URI on May 13. Onri was taken to the vet on May 13 and was found to be in great health.

On May 14 Onri Layla became lethargic and was rushed to the emergency animal clinic where her heart stopped soon after she left her Daddy’s arms. Although her cause of death is unknown, we believe it was URI. She is still loved and extremely missed. She was Daddy’s little girl and my black kitten beauty.


Love forever,
Onri Layla
April and David