Onyx by Morgan Kalantar / Sister


You were the best pit bull ever and I loved you. I couldn’t have asked for a better doggie sister. You saved your little brother Ping from being killed by the coyotes. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to be with you one last time. I know how much you loved pig ears, and your special place on the couch. Its still warm from where you would sleep everyday. And I also remember how if I touched you while you were in your special spot, you’d get upset. It was so cute.

When I would come downstairs every morning for school I was always greeted with a tail wag. You would always be curled up in a ball looking up at me from the couch wagging your tail, wanting me to pet you. I hope you enjoyed your last car ride too. Sitting in your mommies lap the whole time. And the coyotes, Cookie, and the horses will always remember the speeding kangaroo pit bull. With the white star on her chest. I know god is treating you well in Dog Heaven.
I love you Onyx.
Love Always,
Your Sister Morgan


You left paw prints on my heart
3, Mar 2006
Morgan Kalantar