Oogie by Carrie & Family

Oogie my little angel,my little boy,
You were so cute. You looked like a toy,
I remember those nights when you would lie in my bed and bite my feet,
And my toes, you would try to eat.
You grew up to be cute and strong,
But your looks didn’t last long.
You became skinny and weak,
And would sneak away to qiet spots, like you were playing hide and seek,
Your fur was dirty because you were too weak to lick,
We brought you to the vet, they said you were very sick,
I remember that night when you died in the hall,
The way you didn’t move, your body so small,
I picked your furry body up, still warm but stiff,
And I began to cry, it started with a sniff,
Your little body lying too still on the floor,
But I know your soul was not there, it was running through heavens door,
I love you my little Oogie, remember that.
Enjoy your time in heaven and wait for me, my sweet cuddly little cat.

I love you little Oogie,
Wait for me at the bridge,
I will be there soon enough!

Your Family


Carrie & Family