Ope by Jenna DeVore / Auntie Jenna

He first graced all of our lives when he was a kitten… He lived with my sister Debbi and his sister PJ. They lived happily together and along came his other (adopted sister) Tinker (all cats of course).

Ope had his problems and being that I am a Veterinary Technician I always tended to him as best as possible. The doctors that I worked with had to perform a P.U. surgery when he was about 3 1/2 years old and he went from Ope to Oprah.

He was a great cat! He loved to chase milk bottle tabs (lose them under the fridge) and he had his favortie which was the tiger tail. He carried the tiger tail around and meowed to let you know that he was playing. He liked playing fetch with his toy as well.

Then one day my sister calls me all upset, only 1 day away from Thanksgiving, and says that Ope had bruising in his ear. I thought it was a hematoma but it turned out it much worse. He had petechia all over his body (small bruises caused by hemorrhages). We rushed him to the clinic I worked at and ran all sorts of tests and nothing was coming up with a definite answer to why this was happening. He got blood transfusions but nothing helped. He was vomiting old blood and looked horrible and the end was nearing for him. We kept him comfortable and loved him the best we could but it was not enough and there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I do not think about what I could have done differently… If only I could go back and change decisions, could I have kept him alive??? The days and years have passed now and his ending days still bother me and he will always be on my mind and in my heart… He will never be forgotten..


Love You Forever Ope!
Jenna DeVore