Oreo by Brianna Melvin / Mommy

My little baby is a rabbit named Oreo. Even though I’ve had many pets die and still have many pets now (about 55 pets) I still love her very very much. She died because she had pneumonia; we went to the vet and he gave us medicine but that didn’t help any. Oreo lived in my room with me so when I woke up she wasn’t hopping around her cage. She was just lying there motionless. I didn’t know what to do so I got my parents and told them that I thought Oreo was dead. The next thing I knew everybody was in my room. What I thought was true.
My little baby had passed away.

I was so upset that I cried for like 2 days straight. I finally stopped crying because I figured out that she had gone on to a better place. She may be happier but she’ll always have a piece of her heart missing just like my heart, but my heart has more pieces missing
because many pets have died.


With lots and lots of love,
Brianna Melvin