Oreo by Noone / S&D

Oreo is a frail, little cat. He is not cute, but he is playful and brightens up your day with his boisterous love.

Oreo is nobody’s cat: abandoned by his mother and litter mate and excluded by the other strays.

Oreo runs when he sees you, climbs on your leg, and looks at you with earnest eyes.

Oreo cries behind your window asking to come inside and sits in your laps when you finally give in.

Oreo is scared of nothing and launches his 10-inch body against dogs and cats alike.

Oreo is 3-month old and has conquered everybody with his pointed nose and small paws.

Oreo has seen me leave last week and secretly bid me goodbye.

Oreo’s life was short but touched us all.


In memory of a little stray
7, July 2009