Oscar & Felix by Lisa

To my beloved Oscar and Felix

I miss you both soooo much!!! I still cry at night wondering why God took both of you away from me. I hope you behave yourselves until I meet you!! Stay on the Rainbow Bridge i’ll be there in a little while!! Be good and don’t chew what you’re not supposed to!


It hurts
The thought of you gone.
I tried to help
But I didn’t know how.

You were suffering
And I tried to keep you
With me
Forever and ever.

With you out of my life
I have nothing to live for.
You made me cry
And hurt inside.

I know that
the place your in now
Is a better place
Than here in my arms.

They took one half of my heart
then took the other
I don’t know why
Maybe they don’t like me.

But they knew how to attack
how to hurt me the most.
I wish you peace and happiness
Until I am with you again.

*Was loved is loved will be loved forever*

We all miss you 2!!

Love Momma the Cow The Big guy and Dustin


Oscar & Felix
22, June 2000 & Feb. 26 2001