Pebbles by Brian

Pebbles Our Angel Forever

One day we made a family mommy you and me..
You came into our lives and filled our hearts with glee.
Those trying puppy days I can remember them so well..
Now they are just memories stories for me to tell.
As I remember those days I know now they were not so bad..
For nothing is as trying as this pain that’s made me sad.
You gave us so much happiness and unconditional love..
To me you were an angel sent straight from God above.
You showered me with kisses you always made me smile…
Just holding you in my arms I loved to pass the while.
Everything seems so empty now…I feel so all alone…
You are not here to greet me whenever I come home.
Your warm and fuzzy kisses I will miss them oh so much…
To me there is nothing better than your gentle fuzzy touch.
You left us oh so suddenly I was not ready for this.
In my heart you’ll live forever eternally you’ll be missed.
I know that you are in heaven I’ll blow kisses to the sky…
I know you’ll blow some back to me.And with each one I’ll cry.
These tears I shed seem to have no end there is no end to love..
You are my forever angel living now in heaven above.



26, March 2001