Oso by Angie / The Dey Family

In a cloudy autumn evening,
God made a special call,
our good black Chow doggie,
was urgent needed at the Heaven’s Pet Angel’s Hall.

Our good black Chow doggie was sad to leave us,
we could see it in his eyes,
he couldn’t stay one more day with us,
tearfully we said our sad good byes.

Our good black Chow doggie,
is now in Heaven way up too far,
he is surrounded by all the pet Angels,
specially one named “Angel Babar.”

Our good black Chow doggie,
has been our most faithfully friend,
we are so sad and feel lost with out him,
we will miss him till our end.

The pet Angels and our Chow doggie,
are happy frolicking the Heaven’s together,
they are awaiting for the time,
when we all can get reunited forever.


You are forever loved,
18, Oct 2005