Otis by Megan / Megan

Otis was born on July 5th 1993. We had been looking for a puppy for a long time with no luck. We found a add in the newspaper, “Free to good home Black Lab puppies.” So we went over to the house to take one home and what we saw was unexpected, all the puppies were covered in fleas. In spite of that we still decided to take one home and would just use flea medication. At the time we already had a 3 year old Golden Retriever. It took a long time to get rid of all the fleas but we managed to do it.

My mom didn’t work then because she stayed home with me so she spent most of her time training Otis. Otis was a fairly quick learner, and he never chewed on ANYTHING!! After the years we became so attached to Otis, he was our life and all our hearts belonged to him. Otis got hit by a car when he was 2 and had to go into surgery but he healed fine. Otis meant the world to us and he even learned to climb the ladder on the swingset and go down the slide. His favorite game was playing ball.

Year after year our golden retriever got older, and we had to put her to sleep in july because of health problems. Otis missed her soo much along with the rest of the family, she was his best-friend, besides our kids of course. We decided to get another Black Lab since Otis was such a Joy. Saturday Night at approximately 11 O’Clock while he was outside using the restroom some sick neighbors called him across the street in front of a car to get him killed, and it worked. Otis got hit and he whined and whined for help and the kids just laughed.

We buried our boy in the back yard, and with him we buried a ball. We miss our Otis soo much, It’s been more than a year now and i still cry everynight. he was my best-friend and a loving companion, and all of our memories will never be forgotten. Otis~ you will always have a place in my heart!
I really do miss my best-friend!


With Love,