Our Precious Pebbles by Lisa and Gonzalo Montenegro / Mommy and Daddy

Our Precious Pebbles,

We miss you so much and life just isn’t the same without you. The house is quiet and lonely and our hearts ache for you. You were our first baby girl, from the time I held in my arms as a puppy to 18 years later when I held you, you gave us so much love and joy. You were our best friend and companion. There are so many wonderful memories to share about you. Your spunkiness and wonderfully smart personality will never be forgotten. We will keep you close to my heart forever. I believe God creates his wonderful creatures for us to enjoy. You gave us so much joy and unconditional love that we have become better people because of you.


We love you very much,
Our Precious Pebbles
19, August 2005
Lisa and Gonzalo Montenegro