Pad by Mike&Mo-Flo




{ Lord Paddington Simcoe "Pad" }

April 15 1987 ----- May 7 2000

In Loving Memory of Paddington “Pad” Bartley.

He was our Friend.

He was our dog his name was Pad,

He came to us when just a lad.

He did all he could to try to please,

Always happy and never had fleas.



Pad was a Poodle a Toy of 5 pounds,

With reddish brown fur he made funny sounds.

He’d growl and snarl and sometimes get rude,

For a little guy he had huge attitude.



Pad loved his bag his travelling hotel,

He felt safe inside and thought it was swell.

He’d ride in the basket on Mo-Flo’s bike,

Pad had plenty of courage for a little tyke.



He would perch on the bow when out on the boat,

Bark at the Seagulls as if to gloat,

“I’m in charge of this big ol’ boat!”.

He had his own dinghy and his own life jacket,

Life was good for this little brown packet.



Then one day when he was thirteen,

Pad got sick like we’d never seen.

Coughing wheezing and gasping for breath,

We didn’t know that he was nearing death.



On a hot day in springtime actually May seven,

Pad took his leave and went to dog heaven.

We’ll miss him terribly yet we are glad,

We had the great honour to know our dear Pad.

Michael Bartley



Mike & Mo-Flo