Paebak by Heather Ellison / Momma

Silent Night, Lonely Night
How I wish you had witnessed my birth
Whispered “Welcome” my first night on Earth
Stayed with me thru the dark night
Until the morning light.
Silent Night, Lonely Night
Oh! I loved you as I grew
And I know you so loved me too
Cared for me these many years thru
Kept me sheltered and warm
Through out life’s fearful storm.
Silent Night, Lonely Night
Now it’s time for me to go
Stay with me please my last night on Earth
Help me thru my second birth
To my Heavenly Home
Mother don’t leave me alone.
Silent Night, Lonely Night
Soon I draw my last breath
Hold my paw and speak gently to me
‘Till my life here ceases to be
My soul flies over yon ridge
To the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye…


Yes, my Little Love, I stayed with you.
26, Mar 2005
Heather Ellison