Paesano by Dawn & Louie / Mommy & Daddy

You’ll Alway’s Be In Our Hearts

The first day that we met you, it was love
at first sight.
But Daddy said not now dear,
And I didn’t put up a fight.
But I dreamt about you all that night.
I had to have you then.
So that morning I went to the bank,
and back to the shop again.
It was then that I took you
back out of the cage.
Up to the counter and that’s when I paid.
I took you home that morning,
I was happy as can be.
With a knot in my stomache
Hopeing Daddy would see.
What a special little puppy, that you really were.
With your darling little eyes & beautiful fur.
Daddy came home that day around noon.
I tried to keep you quiet, shhh he’ll be here soon.
He whistled up the stairs, at the top he sighed.
Not ever expecting what he would find inside.
I opened the door and I had a big smile.
He said “What have you been up too.
I said I went out for awhile.
Right around the corner you came barking up at him.
He looked at me and said “NO” you didn’t.
We both just laughed as you ran up to him.
You looked into his eyes, and you were in like Flynn.
From that very day, you were our best friend.
Right up until the very end.
I hope you felt my heart beating next to yours today.
When the Dr. gave you that shot, that sent you away.
Because I felt yours, and Daddy did too.
We both just didn’t want to let go of you.
We loved you so much from the very start.
When you left yesterday, you took with you a piece of our heart.


Ciao....We Love You & Miss You So
27, Oct 2005
Dawn & Louie