Page by Jessica / Love your family on earth

I am not the owner of page my aunt is but I am doing this for us.

Page she was a very loving caring soul she always had a tail wag or a kiss for us, she had such a free spirit she loved the out doors and her dog house but she also loved coming in the house for some family time, where she could jump on the couch and sit with you kiss you and then make you throw a toy for her. She always loved her toys but her most favourite thing other then her family was after the lawn was mowed she would roll around in the freshly cut grass well she was i beige dog and after rolling on the grass she was green. haha Oh how we will miss all of those wonderous times. The walks, the running around in the backyard throwing toys and playing soccer and most of all the cuddling on the couch in bed and those never ending kisses. She will be missed alot by alot of people she was a very special girl and will always have a place in our hearts for the memories and the love we had for her.


With lots of hugs and kisses,