Pan Man Sumpter by Cally L Sumpter / Momma

I shall open with a poem I wrote for Pan then his story will follow.

Forever in life, forever beyond
As a baby in my lap, couldn’t let you go
Now it’s so hard to see that I must
let you free to be a puppy again
To play, run and growl playfully
I miss that and will always hear it in my dreams
Always in my heart I will laugh because of you
You’ll be with me following me everywhere I go
Protecting me from strange noises
Prowling the house, listening intently
Walking with me, riding in the car
laying beside me, giving me wet, sticky kisses
Snoring and having puppy dreams under the bed
Please wait for me dear furry friend
for I long to see you again
We’ll play together,run,jump and slide down the
l think of you everyday
Such a part of life and thereafter
Sadness envelops me now
Happiness will follow closely
For I know your spirit is free

Pan came into our life as a little scared, abused puppy. He learned quickly and loved cookies and praise. He liked to give the kitty ‘kisses’ and play with his toys. He enjoyed long walks. I pretty much tied him to my waist and he went everywhere I did. Pretty soon I didn’t need a leash. He was a great obedience champ. He won three obedience shows. He knew many commands, I could put a Fest hat and John Lennon Glasses on him and he would sit and stay, like a statue. He knew silent commands, German and we used body language, I could talk to him without speaking. He went on road trips and flew with us to Germany for seven awesome years. For each of our children he watched over them and always seemed to have one eye always open. In our hearts, he is our hero and a dear friend.

One day he followed my youngest son, of 2 years old, up the street. My son had just opened the front door and started walking. Pan went with him and somehow watched over him. A kind lady saw them walking and drove up to them and asked my son where he lived but being too young he didn’t quite understand. On the other hand, Pan did understand. He directed my little boy back towards home and the lady in her car followed. They did come home and the lady knocked on the door with Pan and my son standing there. Pan was practically grinning, he knew he had done well. My little boy was safe and the lady couldn’t believe how Pan could know to bring the little boy home. I gave Pan a big hug and his favorite cookie, giving him the praise he always worked so hard for. Such a Hero of a Special Dog.


For my loving Pan, your memory is alive.
Pan Man Sumpter
Cally L Sumpter