Pandy by Debra Campbell / Mommy


My sweet girl, you were my love, my heart and my life for 16 years. You were everyone’s little mother. Always kissing away tears and hurts. Happy to see me every day, how you loved to play. As the years passed, we settled into a comfortable companionship. I will always remember how you destroyed the kitchen when I first brought you home from the shelter as a puppy and left you that first day I had to go to work. As your hearing went and your vision dimmed, and your body slowed, I carried you up and down the stairs. How I wish you were still here. I know you had to go, life was no longer a joy for you. How difficult that last act of love was, but I know it was right for you.

As a Christian, I believe that when I get to Heaven, God will make sure that you are there waiting for me. I must believe this or Heaven would not be worth going to. I will keep you forever in my heart sweet girl and long for the day when we meet once more, never again to be parted.


With all my heart,
9, Jan 2006
Debra Campbell