Panther by Angie / Angie and Family

When we got Panther in 1982 I was only 7 years old. So I don’t really remember him being a baby. But he was an all black cat with green eyes. He loved to sleep in everyone’s bed. He loved to chase the flash light every time we had it on the walls he would go crazy trying to get it off the wall he loved to do flips around the house. At Christmas time when we would put the Xmas tree up he would sit under the tree he loved Xmas time so when he got older he would still do all the kind of things he did when he was young.

He loved to play. When we went outside he would go outside to we would put him on a leash he loved being outside close to his family members. Panther was our jungle kitty cat he loved to be in the sun and where ever it was hot he would be there. When we moved in 95 from PA down to KY. It was a long trip it was 12 hrs he didn’t get sick or anything like that he loved the car ride after he new he wasn’t going to the vet.

He did not like going to vet’s, of course not who would want to go to the doctor’s no one really. In 1996 I was doing something in the kitchen and all of a sudden he meowed and I was like what’s wrong. My brother’s were coming home from school they walked in the door and Panther meowed he said hello hit his head on the table and was not breathing. My youngest brother called Mom and work and said Panther’s not moving or breathing. And then my other brother tried to give the cat CPR and it wasn’t working so Mom came home from work. She held Panther for ever. We got a suitcase, with his favorite blanket, toys and a picture of his family and buried him in front of our kitchen window.

Every time it was Christmas we got him a Xmas tree and put it in front of the kitchen window and he would celebrate Christmas with us. Panther was 15 years old he had a brain aneurysm he lived a long life. We all love you Panther. Rest In Peace.


With all of our love,