Panther by Nank Lynn / Mom and Dad

“Ode to Panther”
By: Nank Lynn

A small black cat knocked on our door
He came for refuge, nothing more.
He came to stay a week or so
But just like friends, he had to go.

It wasn’t long before he sat
Again, upon our cocoa mat.
He came to stay for good not part
And when he did he stole our hearts.

The house was his
All land his empire
Good luck to the creatures
Who dared enter his shire.
He’d scramble to fight, bite, and kick to the core
And if they returned,
He’d chase them some more.

He spoke with intelligence so much, you could tell
And yet when you spoke, he listened so well.
When you cried he would sooth with his rumbling purr
And sit on your lap a big load of black fur.

Years came and they went like the ebb of a tide
He ruled like the king, all health problems aside.
But he couldn’t stay young
Though, he mightily tried.

One day it was time, mind sharp, body falling,
To join his old friends whose whispers were calling?
He gazed in the distance beyond the far ridge
He saw youth and peace ahead at The Bridge.

Panther knew it was time for him to depart
To live in our memories, not just our hearts.
The grieving is heavy the tears will not end
Good bye to our good boy, our buddy our friend.
We know when it’s time
We will see you again……..

Submitted by: Nank Lynn


You are our heart,
8, Apr 2005
Nank Lynn