Panther by Ruthie / Mommie

My dearest Panther,

I don’t know where to begin. You were a wonderful being. I don’t know whether to call you my baby, my friend, my pet. I guess you were all in one. I am missing you tremendously; this hurt is not even explainable. I don’t know who is going to bug me in the mornings when I do the dishes. I almost can’t even go to the bathroom in the mornings without you hopping up onto my lap while I am
at my most vulnerable (ha).

y summer days will be longer when the girls are visiting there father. My windows are now empty without you watching the birds. The spot of sun at the front door is empty, no one waits for the bus to come. I have no more of your long black hair to brush off of me before going into town. I have no one to “talk” to when I am in the shower. Penny is lost without you; she has to groom herself and play with mouse on her own. Oreo has no one to fight with now because Penny is…. well you know Penny!

Bandit, Smokey, Tipsy, and Miss Thing are still looking for Mommie. They loved you so much. I couldn’t believe what a great mother you were to them. They are growing into fine little ones. Christmas will not be the same without you under the tree with the gifts. The kids and Daddy are lost without your tail constantly in their faces while trying to watch the TV. But, we each have a heart full of love and a life full of fond memories of you.

You were so special to us and we will forever miss you. God bless you and we all await the day when our family will be whole once more. Please watch over all of us and help us to remember your love for us. I love you, Miss “Fuzzy Butt” (as Sissy fondly calls you).


Forever Loving You,
10, Sep 2005