Patches by Lynn Lawrence / Your mommy

Patches was born November 4th 1986. I remember seeing her for the very first time. You see, I wanted to get my children a puppy. Oh, I knew that I would be feeding it and taking care of it. I just didn’t know how much I would be attached to it. Jenny had been wanting a pound puppy.

I saw the ad in the newspaper. Cocker Spaniels for sale $125.00. I went to see and Patches was the only one left. I paid and arranged to have her picked up on Christmas Eve. We would be out of town until late. A neighbor had put her in our garage in a box with a blanket. As my husband assembled toys that Christmas Eve, I formed a very special bond with my special puppy to last her life time. She slept in my lap. The children were really excited, but not near as excited as I was.

Patches was a beautiful puppy and she looked like that until the day she died. She would follow me from room to room. If she could not find me
she would go crazy.

But as with everything there is an end. We found lumps under her neck in November of 2000. The vet tested and found that it was cancer of the lymph nodes. My heart was broken. I had to watch her go through so much until I knew she couldn’t go on. Her will to live was just great. But the cancer soon won. I knew the day that I couldn’t see her go through another day. I took her for her last trip to the vet crying all of the way. I can still see her as I type this now. She will always have
a special place in my heart.

But there is a good ending to this story. The weekend that we had to put her to sleep we found an Airedale named Bailey on the internet. It was like Patches spirit went into this dog. Bailey will never take Patches place in my heart, but she will take her own place. This story is for Patches and to share the special love that a dog has to offer
if we will just love them.


You will always be in my heart,
Lynn Lawrence