Patche’s by Marlene / Mom and Dad Steele

Patches was a black and white Domestic long haired cat. We picked her up as a kitten for our son Shawn when he was 7 years old. Patche’s never took to the indoors and preferred to live outdoors but stayed very close to home. She was spayed after one litter of kittens,
many years ago.

One day as we were working on the garden a stray German Shepherd came wandering into our yard. Well Patches ran over and with all the strength she had in her she chased that great big dog out of her yard. My husband and myself couldn’t believe our eye’s. Patche’s was never a big cat, rather a small cat..yet she never stopped to consider she could have been hurt.

She lived a long life with us and we still miss her. She used to stand waiting in the car port for us when we would arrive home from a journey out, must say her presence is deeply missed. She was a dear member of our family and we will never forget her courage and her love.

We love you sweety, and we miss you, stay safe in god’s arms.


Our love always,