Pathway to the Candle Light Rose Ceremony

The Pathway to the Candle Light Rose Ceremony

As we gather together to walk through the pathway to the Candle Light Rose Ceremony in memory of our pets, may we share the tranquility of the trellis of red roses, symbolizing love climbing up and embracing the walls to Beyond Life’s Gateway. Encircling this beauty are white roses of heavenly purity as they mix together with the trailing ivy of greenery.

We encounter the beauty of the yellow roses for friendship and joy. Our friendships unite for the memories of our dear beloved pets that are of all creatures great and small. Upon the approach to this beauteous scene, we look upon the array of pink youthful buds of the roses of gentility.

The coral roses of desire for our pets’ tender caresses mix with the palette of red white roses for all of us in unity to embrace. The serenity sharing of the hands joined in bonding prayer, we walk to our candles and lift our hands in unison. We feel the peacefulness far and wide as we feel our love touching the tip of each candle to enflame.

Written By Carole Miller for all Beloved Ones

Carole Miller