Paulino “Pao” Ruben C. DLS by April V. Cuellar & Ruben De Los Santos Jr. / Mommy and Daddy

Paulino “Pao” Ruben Cuellar De Los Santos, 2 ½ went home to be with the Lord in Doggie Heaven on Sunday Morning, November 26,2006 at his Grandparents’ home in Laredo, TX. He breathed his last breath at 2:26 am while lying bedside his Mom in her arms, one of his favorite places. He was born and resided in San Antonio, TX on May 20,2004 but his real lives’ journey began when he came home to his loving parents April V. Cuellar and Ruben De Los Santos Jr. at the tender age of 8 weeks on July 20, 2004. On this day little did we know that all three of our lives would be changed forever, with memories love and laughter. From the day he entered our lives he stole our hearts, he could never do any wrong. Pao was an active, loving and obedient little boy,
everything his parents desired.

He never gave anyone any worries and was always on his best behavior which everyone commented on. When he first came home he never cried or whimpered as most new puppies do, or stayed up all night. He was always a very calm and tranquil little boy. Mommy never had any complaints about chewed furniture or shoes; he was the best puppy anyone could ever ask for. He was our pride and joy.

On weekends Pao would split his time between San Antonio, Laredo and Eagle Pass and was always on his best behavior during road trips. In Laredo he would love playing and teasing his Uncle Troy, a Chihuahua and running around in his Grandparents’ backyard. On Sundays he would enjoy an occasional bone and sausage from his Grandpa’s homemade carne asada.

There are so many beautiful and precious memories about our sweet little boy that it is impossible to list them all but the following are few of the many that we will forever hold in our hearts. We will remember his smile, big bright eyes with the occasional tears that Mommy would wipe away gently with a tissue. He made a difference in everyone’s lives who knew him. We will remember him being our shadow always walking in our footsteps following Mommy and Daddy everywhere, sitting underneath our chair, waiting for us by the door whenever we went out or by the patio door whenever he felt us getting home, lying by the bedside at bedtime, jumping to greet us as soon as we walked in the door, jumping up on the couch to keep us company whenever we sat down, jumping in our laps when he wanted to cuddle, barking whenever there was a knock at the door, jumping up and cutting in whenever Mommy and Daddy were listening to music and dancing, sitting quietly next to the kitchen table whenever we were eating but getting impatient and jumping up and down when we took too long to acknowledge him as if to say, “Okay I’m being good, can I please have some fries?”

Dad will remember the walks outside, the moments shared on the balcony between Father and Son, the playful horsing around until Pao became frustrated and growled in an attempt to overpower his Dad, jumping on his Dad when he was sleeping on the living room floor to wake him up and play with him and the scratching away at the shorts and being pulled away only to come back and continue but this time with more persistence.

Mommy will remember her teddy bear faced little boy who’s beautiful fluffy hair resembled a lions’ mane accompanying her to check the mail and pulling at the leash ready to return home, playing underneath the bed and scratching away at the bed skirt, she will remember getting up in the morning to be greeted by him jumping up on the bed to say, “Good Morning Mommy.”

Pao loved playing outside and running around up and downstairs with his cousins. He enjoyed spending time with his family and his family loved spending time with him. Pao was a very spoiled and much loved little boy, well deserving of both. He owned many toys, brushes, collars, leashes, coats, hats, clothes, beds, carriers, etc. He particularly loved his Burberry plaid collar with matching carrier. This carrier was his favorite and he immediately started jumping up and down as soon as it came out, knowing he was headed out the door for a day filled with fun. He loved going to his Aunt’s house to play with his beloved cousins John, Jasmine and Julissa. All three were his playmates and dear to his heart but he especially loved playing with Julissa who shared toys with him and fed him his food piece by piece.

On Halloween this year Pao joined his cousins for an evening out trick or treating wearing matching Batman costumes with his cousin John. Pao received and award in 2004 from PetSmart for Best Halloween Costume, he was a Western Cowboy, with pistols and all. He also enjoyed attending the annual Stone Oak Festival and having
his picture taken with Santa.

Pao is survived by his Mommy and Daddy, April V. Cuellar and Ruben De Los Santos Jr., Grandparents Ricardo and Tomasa Cuellar and Dr. Ruben and Lorena De Los Santos, Aunts’ Maribel Mijares, Deborah Labrada, Dr. Jo-Ann Cuellar, Uncles’ Ricardo Antonio Cuellar, Troy Cuellar, and David Ruben De Los Santos, Cousins John, Jasmine Julissa and “Max” Mijares, Nanette, Nate, Arianna, “Star and Cube” Labrada, and “Vivi” De Los Santos. He is preceded in death by his cousin Baby Joshua Ricardo Wilfredo Mijares.
He will be remembered as a wonderful son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend and will be desperately missed by all of us who had the good fortune to know and love him.

Our time with him was cut short, all our future plans are cancelled but we know he is in a better place with no suffering or pain. Until we meet again Pao, you will forever be in our hearts and memories, we know you will have endless bowls of doggie treats and as many toys as Mommy and Daddy had for you, play well and wait for us our darling little boy.


With all the Love in the World,
Paulino "Pao" Ruben C. DLS
April V. Cuellar & Ruben De Los Santos Jr.