Payton by Lyn / Mom

I just lost a piece of my heart. On January 06, 2005, my family thought I had lost my mind when I rescued cat #5 from a life of abuse, but they ended up loving her the most.

It didn’t take us very long to realize she was an exceptional kitty, or Payton long to realize her “forever home” was the best place she could have ever imagined. She loved her life and her home so much. Although this baby had the best two years of her life, it was much too short. She was as happy as happy could be.

She was so excited when someone approached her, she would shake all over and wave her head around, and loved to butt heads and rub against your face. The kindest, gentlest little soul with so much love to give, I think she was making up for all of her bad days. Every minute of the day she was happy and always in a hurry not to miss the sun in a window, a dancing leaf in her backyard, or the chance to show her humans how thankful she was, and how much she loved us.

I got more love from her in those two short years, than I could have ever imagined. I fell in love with her the second I saw her, and I will never forget her beautiful blue eyes and how she was saying thank you in the car that first day, and every day since. Thank YOU Payton, for all the love, joy, and happiness these past two years. These wonderful memories and my love for you will be with me forever.


Until we meet again,