Peaches by Danielle

There is so much to say but in just a little amount of time because you never know when your gonna pass over. You only lived for a month. Even though you were a goat you never gained weight. I thought it was my fault. When you died it was so sad. I tried telling everyone what happend and why I was so sad. Everyone acted like they cared but deep down
they really didn’t care.

I took care of you even though you were my brothers goat. That morning when I went out to check on you cause I didn’t hear you crying I was scared. When I saw you I ran inside the house crying. You made a mess of the saw dust and you were laying length long dead.

It scared me because I thought you had a seizure because the saw dust was all messed up. Then I thought of what happend that night. You stepped out of your blanket and I never put it back on you. Then the next morning you died. That hurt so bad. I thought it was my fault. You always followed me were ever I went.

I visit your grave all the time. I will never forget you because I will always love you. PLEASE I hope you can forgive me for not putting your coat back on. I believe that’s why you died and also you didn’t gain weight.
Please forgive me.

Love always



31, March 2002