Peanut by Bonnie Bardo / Mom

My Peannie,

I hope & pray you know how much I love & miss you my girl. Having you for 18 years was not only amazing in itself but a huge blesing in my life. You always showed me so much love & no matter what greeted me when I came home with so much joy. It seems you could actually smile.

The hardest day for us was August 2, 2005 when I had to finally let you go….Peannie if I could have stopped it I would but you were so very sick…..I’m so sorry Peannie, I couldn’t fix you & I couldn’t let you suffer….

I know PJ & Pissy are so happy to have you with them& I love & miss them so much too. You three girls were such a kick. Everyone loved you all…Keep the light on My Sweet Girls till we meet again. I will never ever forget you or PJ & Pissy because WE are FAMILY my little nut. God Bless.
Rest in Peace & Love….


2, Aug 2005
Bonnie Bardo