Peanut by Vivian Gutier / Mommy

My little Peanut arrived tired after a long drive. The first day at the new house she couldn’t really enjoy the day as it was raining and I didn’t want her to get sick. But the next day we let her go out and she went wild running all over the place. She didn’t know where she was but for sure you could tell she was one happy Chihuahua.

She had two more friends with her that we adopted and she was just the happiest Chihuahua you could see. She was home in Florida and that she did know. She laid in the sun all day….and played and rolled. She did find a mate after 7 years old and she was in love. Out of that love came her daughter and her son which are now with me….She had a great time and a great life……

I miss my peanut terribly but I know she is now resting with all the doggie angels in heaven. I love you peanut and we will never ever forget you and all the precious moments we shared……


Vivian Gutier