Peanut was one of the most loving yet playful dogs. She loved going up north and playing in the creek, swimming at the beach & following us while we drove on the 4 wheelers in the field. She loved to play fetch, frisbee, go for walks at times even though it was more like she was pulling up for a walk rather than you walking her. She use play in the yard, bark at and chase the squirrels that tried to come into our backyard each day looking for food.  The funniest thing about her is when we would eat dinner, she would sit in the kitchen and bark if we looked at her wanting a bit of our food. We sure enough gave her handouts from time to time lol. She loved being with us all the time even if it was just cuddling with her. I hope that Peanut is up in heaven playing fetch & hunting with her best buddy Blacky who passed away years before her.


I Love You Always & Forever
February 23, 2022