PeeWee by Angie and Christina / Your 12 year old mommy.Christina.

Peewee was 8 years old when we got him.He was kidnaped as a puppy then obanded in a cornfield for two years.Until one day two kids where playing in the cornfield and found him.They found out who the owner was and told her. The owner that had him Before couldn’t beleve it was him.

A couple days later we bought him.We spoiled him rotten.He loved to go byebyes.Then one day we asked him if he wanted to go byebyes and he got all excited.He went to go jump in the car and he sliped on the car and fell.Shortly after he went into sezer.Bye the time we got to the vets it was to late.
We buried him on sep.10 2004.


PeeWee I'll miss you always,
Angie and Christina