" Percival "

7 / 98 ---- 7 / 11 / 98



To Percival

How long does it take to open a heart?

How long does it take to care?

Just a heartbeat sometimes

One setting of the sun

The rising of one full moon

Just yesterday

You perched on my finger

As I walked in the yard

I spoke of your future

The beauty and song

That belong to you

You soared from my hand

Just two feet above earth

And I glimpsed your sweet spirit

Promising you would fly

Far far beyond

The level of earth

But sweet baby Robin

Brought by a friend

Entrusted to me

I let you down

And today you were buried

With a flower beside you

Only two feet below

The level of earth.


Percival I am so sorry I could not save you.

I hope your peace is equal to my sadness.