Pepper by Jennifer Wallas / Big Sister and Best Friend

Hi! My name is Jennifer Wallas and I am 14 years old. About four years ago I lost my girl. Pepper was a mutt but she couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m not sure her exact breed mix but we think she was a wippet/ black lab mix. Pepper was a small to medium sized dog. Black except on her white paws and speckled tummy and nose. She was a cuddle bug and I swear she thought she was a cat.

I’ll never foget the day she died. I was walking home from the bus stop and our neighbor Suzanne walked up to me and said that Pepper had been hit by a car and that her mom (Mrs. Kipe) had taken her to the Emergency Vet. I guess I was in denial or something because I thought she was joking. I ran the rest of the way home and opened the front door to an empty house. I was stunned. I sat on the dining room floor and cried. Not a mourning cry because I still did not beleive Suz.

It was more of a “I’m scared to death and dear God no” cry. After a while my mom came home. Without My Girl. “She was in too much pain” is the last thing I remember from that day. But in the days to follow I would learn that Pepper was hit at the corner of our street. I still visit that corner of Hickory and Richey. I sit there and think about where she is today and try to imagine her watching me still today.


A loss is a loss but you never forget.
Love is forever,
Jennifer Wallas