Peppy by Jan Gordon / All your loving friends.

Peppy lived a life of saddnes, without the kindness of human hands, without the freedom to run as every dog should. She was confined to a cage for 9 long years. A wire, lifeless cage. Her story was brought to the thousands by the internet and many rallied to try to save her, but without success, the laws could not be changed in time. Peppy died this month and broke the hearts of so many.

We are sorry, sweet girl but your memory will stay forever, we will not forget you and we will continue on our quest to change the laws that killed you in the end.

We all loved you and now you know that. We know your spirt will be with us and guide us on our quest to save others.

I close my eyes and I can see your sweet face, I see the wind blowing your fur as you run up the grassy hillside. You trun and look back knowing you are loved and knowing what it feels like to run like the wind, run as fast as you can with the sun on your back- no pain, you are young again – you stop and look over another hillside it is a friend you have not seen for a long time, a friend that runs to you and you both are so excited that your entire bodies are wagging. The excitment that only comes from prue joy. Finally you are at peace now and forever all will be well. You are free.

Know the many that cared…

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We will never forget you.
Jan Gordon