PERSEUS by geraldine snell / Geraldine

You were the little clown
So clever and surprising,
How many times did you not
Show us a trick or two.

So placid and gentle as your kind is,
when we were sad, you would appear
holding a toy, inviting us to play,
as if you wanted us to know
that in life it exists a lighter side.

You closed your eyes peacefully,
I gave you a kiss,
a gesture of the love we hold for you,
but mostly to thank you,
for travelling some of our destiny.

In our heart there is a song,
that only the soul can sing,
we will never forget the music of your life,
we said goobye, however your place in our heart
forever will be filled with your gifts.


Your memory will always be,
7, Oct 2004
geraldine snell