Phoebe by Katy and the girls / The girls

I was 6 months pregnant and going to be a new mum. What’s the best present for a soon to be mum…a little thing to run around your feet and get used to, in practice for the soon to be little one under foot.

So came Phoebe….she was on our doorstep in a big pink box with a pink bow.She was a little ball of grey fluff who was my constant companion from that day. Phoebe got her name from Phoebe on friends as she was very pretty but extremely challenged!lol. (She had been rescued by someone who was concerned she only drank beer and scraps in a boys university type set up,hence her mental state).

Phoebe was a fabulous mouser and no bird was safe in her path, although some did escape.She had a serious phobia of vets, one once saying “please dont bring her back to me, I like my skin”.

Phoebe has been both my daughters companion but more so mine. Its been 11 years we have had her and she was classed as one of my children being with me through marriage, children and divorce.

Unfortunatley Phebs recently lost a large amount of weight and developed a tumour on her nose, that accompanied with loss of bowel and urinary control has been the toughest thing
to watch happen to my baby.

Final straw was tonight when her tail seemed to have a kink or lump in it. I made the heart breaking decision to put her down, the vet agreedand said she was just to sick to fight anymore (much to his relief) and two hours later Im still crying! Love you, Phebs, miss you miow.


My baby,
Katy and the girls