" Pinky "

2 / 25 / 71 ---- 2 / 15 / 98


You gave permission for me to let you go - I trusted in my heart

you would let me know - Ten days short of age 27 - You chose to leave and

go to heaven


You were ready to journey to a new realm -

Where no saddle bridle bit orrein need overwhelm -

Your free exuberant spirit could soar -

Vibrant shining and clear fettered no more

Appy of the plains -

shine in the sun Kick up your heels whinny go and run -

Great Spirit sets you free - Butlook back and see me

In earthbound's continued sojourn - Pinky in spirit sometime do return -

When into the sunset I stride - Meet me on the far distant side

Then once more together we'll ride - No further partings to end -

Arleen and Pinky best friends


2/25/71 - 2/15/98