Piper by Adrean / Mommy

Piper was a long haired calico that was my dearest companion for three years. She was the sweetest cat that I had ever known. I had just moved to a new city away from family and friends when I first brought her home. She was always at my side through many nights of loneliness.

She was there when I broke off my engagement; she was there when I lost a good friendship, and she was my only roommate for one year. Through all my pain and sorrow, she was the only constant in my life. When I had a bad day, she would snuggle up to me or try to cheer me up by running around the apartment jumping off the walls.

She would also play fetch! Piper was a beautiful long haired calico that only wanted to love and be loved. She was very precious to me. It’s amazing how cold and lonely my apartment is to go home to now. I know she’s gone, but she will always be in my heart.

She was taken away tragically and unexpectedly. My sweet, loving, precious companion slipped out an open door while I had friends over. She was found two days later hit on the side of the road two miles away. It was a completely unexpected accident that I will never get over.


I will always keep you in my heart,
where I can never lose you, I love you Piper.