Pokey by Kellie Perkins / mommie

Well I got Pokey from my grandparents when I was born. And needless to say she was my best present who I would cherish and tell my secrets to for the next 16 yrs. Poke I love you. I remember all the times we would run around the house like to crazy kids just having fun. And when grandpa died you helped me through it with out you I wouldn’t have made it. I’m sitting here crying as I type this because I miss you so very much as does grandma every dog she sees she calls them Pokey; even Skippy your boyfriend, he will be on his way to see you soon time is taking it’s toll on him. Well hun I’m not sure where you ran that night but hope it was to a warm spot.

Keep all the kids in line and tell pal hi if he is there yet. Also I just want to let you know that after everyone else stopped looking I still did in fact for at least a week more and many calls to the shelters in town. Until I came to the understanding that you probably wasn’t to see me hurt so you went somewhere on your own. I love you.


Love you always girl,
Kellie Perkins