Pooh-Boy by Moma Barbara & Daddy John

My precious loving Pooh-Boy
we miss you sooooo very much!!
Not a day goes by that I don`t reach out for you on my lap!
And not a night goes by that I don`t wake up and
feel you there beside me!! I am sure God is letting you
know how very much you are missed and
how often you are in my thoughts! Pooh-Boy I sit thinking about
all the times you came up to me for a little bit of extra affection
by wanting your water out of the little red cup
in the office that was and still is your favorite cup!

Pooh-Boy I remember the many days & nights
you lay by my side protecting me and being my best friend
when I had all those surgeries
you were always there making me forget how bad I felt
and turning my frown into a smile!
You would have me singing to you remember the one about.
You have a freckle on your lip & you’ re pretty or
the one about those big blue eyes of yours! Oh,

Poohboy my life is so lonesome with with you in Heaven but I know God is
making sure you have plenty of Whiskas Food and
making sure you are happy and not hurting anymore!
Daddy and I are lost without you
because we being there for you feeding you
catching you when you would fall asleep & roll off the couch! You know
Pooh-Boy that is the reason we bought the beanbag for you so if you feel
asleep & fell off it would not hurt our baby!

Yes Pooh-Boy we still miss you terribly!! But I still feel that strong
connection we have because I still feel your presence.
You were our child for 18 wonderful years!
Now I look forward to the day we meet up in Heaven &
you sense me and I sense your sweet spirit!
Oh what a wonderful tender loving moment that will be!!
Just to know I can hold you in my arms again
like my big old baby and
know that we will never be separated ever again!!
All our Love,

Moma Barbara & Daddy John
p.s. Thank you Dear God for blessing me with Pooh-Boy for all those happy


19, Aug 2000
Moma Barbara & Daddy John