Pooh by Wendy / Mama and Daddy love you

My baby was put to sleep earlier this month due to renal failure and an intestinal tumor. I got Pooh shortly after graduating from college, and had her my entire adult life, for 17 years. I miss her terribly, how she greeted me at the door, the look in her eyes when she saw me, the love she had for me, the way she loved to be near me. The love she shared was the sweetest and purest love and I miss having her near.

She loved my husband, her adopted “Daddy” for the last four years of her life, and he misses their morning ritual, as he was the lucky one who would feel her paw gently reaching up to nudge him awake. Pooh had us wrapped around her little paws, ruling the roost, sitting outside and surveying her kingdom. She played hide and seek with me, had drinking glasses throughout the house and of course, I had to hold her in order for the Princess to drink.

She especially loved the outdoors, laying on the patio, feeling the warmth on her fur. She was with me when I cried, helped me through adversity by reminding me of her love, always slept with me (tucked me in is more like it). At times, it felt as though she stayed with us and remained healthy purely out of love.

She loved life in general, loved her favorite sleeping spots, and loved having Mama give her kisses under her neck and on her belly, as she purred. She was one of a kind, and after 17 years she left an indelible mark on many people who came into her life.

My days are empty without Pooh here to share the hours filled with love and hope. I know she is now safe and free from suffering, but I hate that she is alone without her mom and dad.
You will be in our hearts
for the rest of our lives, Pooh.


Always remember,