Pooperbell by Sandy / mama

I miss you Pooperbell. I’m glad my brother found you and we would never met. I tried to help you with kitten milk. And I knew right away you wanted me to be your mommy. You were a fighter. You were so young. I cannot believe your mother would abandon you like that. When we met it’s like we bonded together til 2 weeks later something went very wrong. Your body couldn’t fight anymore and you pass away.. Boy I cried for you, and it hurt. I miss you so much and I know you are not suffering anymore. You were a special kitty that would forever stays in my heart. You were nothing like any other cats too.. I miss your purrs too. I thought you were too young to purr yet you did. And that what makes you a special kitty. Hope to see you again!


With love,
Sep 2005