Pooter by Herbert Brewer (deceased) / Irene Ballinger

My dad, Herbert Brewer and my brother Herbie Brewer died on August 15 2006 in a fire at their home in London, Kentucky. Their animals survived which were 3 dogs. My older brother took my brother’s 2 dogs and I took my dad’s dog Pooter. I had to move him every other day because he was so strong. He would pull his stake out of the ground no matter how deep you put it in the ground. I put him on my grandchildren’s swing set and he jerked it down. the only place I could keep him where he couldn’t get loose was in a hook in our garage.

I had gone to take my granddaughter to the doctor. When I came back and went out to check and see if he had food and water he had knotted his chain and hung himself. I had bought him 2 longer chains but somebody stole them so I had to put him on a shorter one until I could get him another long chain. I just want my dad to know I did the best I could to take care of his dog cause he really loved him and really sorry that he died. Rest on peace Pooter and be happy back with my dad.


Daddy hope you know I did my best,
Herbert Brewer (deceased)