Aug. 15 1982 —- March 2 2000


Our family story began with Pops just 3 months old

coming into our lives when Jim brought him home during

Thanksgiving vacation from college.

Our very first kitten he won all our hearts immediately.

The sweetest gentlest cats all of his life even during the last

couple of years when it was discovered he was diabetic and

had inflammatory bowel disease. He didn’t like the insulin injections

and often hid when he somehow knew it was time.

The last couple of months were hard on Popeye.

From 12/2 we had to give him bags of fluids every day and some

other medications orally which he did not like but he was a trooper.

On Valentine’s Day (of all days) Pops had some kind of seizure

we thought due to insulin but that seemed to be a real turning

point for him.

Last Wed. 3/1 Pops did not want to eat anything though he

walked around a little most of the time he slept.

Occasionally he wanted to go out on the deck though he was

an inside cat all his life. He’d walk out sniff around and come back in.

At bedtime I thought we’d sleep together so I could keep my eye on him.

He cried a little then purred alittle jumped off the bed

staggered and collapsed.

Thank God for Adrianne our vet who rushed right over even though

it was midnight. We knew what had to be done.

I had been so afraid of making the decision too soon.

Well Pops took matters into his own hands and while I held him

waiting for the vet to arrive he went to sleep.

He seemed to have a couple of spasms and made a couple

of mouth noises I think he passed away peacefully.

I pray there is a place in heaven with us for all our animals.

I look forward to seeing him again someday.

We’ll never forget his gentleness and love.

We love you Pops and will miss you always.

It’s not the same without you.