♥Pretty Girl♥ by 2148 Cottonwood Drive / My Sweet Angel Girl

My Pretty girl, I got the news today
Oh, what a tragedy and so much pain
Some cruel, heartless person
Paying no attention and driving too fast
Left us with nothing but pain
And heartache, my sweet girl.

All the precious moments you and I have shared
I always held you like a little baby in my arms
For we all loved you so, you were our little girl
There’s a hole in my heart, and sissy, too
You were family, how we so loved you!

You’re with mama, Ernie, Ojie, BoBo and Cody
I still can’t believe you’re gone, it feels like
a mightmare, I don’t know if I’ll survive this
You were our very last pet, and now we have
nothing, except lonliness, emptiness and tears!

I don’t care if this poem doesn’t rhyme
I no longer have my “little peanut” to hold
You were my “mommy”, and my sweet little angel girl
How devastated we all are

My little fur baby, the tears will never stop
I will be with you and the rest of my pets in
Rainbow Bridge, we’ll meet someday where we can
run and play, rejoice with tears and happiness
clinging in joy, me, you and Ernie, Bobo, Cody,
Mama and Ojie bear!!!

Oh, how happy the 7-no 8 of us (sissy too!!)will be!
That’s the only day I’ll ever be happy again, my angel girl-when we reunite at Rainbow Bridge!
Please tell ojie bear and all our furry babies, to wait for mommy and sissy!!
Oh, how I miss and love you all!

Love, Mommy!


My "Pretty Girl""
♥Pretty Girl♥
5, Apr 2008
2148 Cottonwood Drive