Pretty Kitty by Maureen Dell’Olio / Meowmmy

You have posted Pretty Kitty’s first two stories at your web site. The first, 733, tells of the tragic last days journies that gave way to the extra time we shared together. The second, 790, tells of her next journey onto Heaven, and the part she played in bringing Beau to my home.

Sadly, Beau was only with us about a year. He also died quite suddenly of heartworm disease. Apparently, he had a most heavy infection of heartworms when I adopted him, and they were already in his lungs. The year we shared was blessed.

The two years and some odd months since Pretty Kitty left, and the year and a half since Beau has also joined Pretty Kitty in heaven have been busy for us left behind here on Earth. There has always been vacant spots in our homes and in our hearts however, where they used to reside. I have since begun my own animal rescue foster home agency, which has been well received and is making a difference in many human, feline and canine lives. Though the hundreds of cats have passed through my doors over these years, I have never found the same personality twice. Each cat is unique, and each cat has its place. The pain has subsided, leaving behind a contentment and a passion to make a difference in homeless, neglected, abused or abandoned pets. Time is the great healer, and busy hands have no time to grieve. Pretty Kitty and Beau would be proud. I often felt like their spirits are watching over the work done in our home, like furry guardian angels.

Two months ago, I was called into the county shelter on yet another rescue. That is what we do mostly, pull the animals off of death row there and take them into our foster homes until they are adopted. Ivory is a gorgeous blue-point Siamese cat and was heavily pregnant. Her callous owner deposited her at the shelter in this condition. Ivory was fat with kittens, but dehydrated, sick and underweight herself. Ivory bonded with me quickly and rather firmly over the next 2 weeks in my home. When the time of her delivery came, she stayed at the head of my bed all night long and delivered her litter at the foot of my bed. She allowed me to help her, and I actually delivered the final 2 kittens. Ivory also trusted me to help her raise her kittens. Her three healthy kittens that survived have since gone onto the best, most loving homes. For Ivory, however, the right home never did come. At least, that is what I thought. Ivory knew all along that she was home again.

As each day together passed, my son, daughter and I recognized it. Ivory has a unique fursonality. She is quite intelligent, bossy, demanding, grouchy at times, spoiled and most insistent on ALWAYS getting her own way. She will go out of her way to harass and beat up the dogs so they understand that SHE is the undisputed ALPHA in the household. She is always underfoot, next to me and involved in everything that goes on in the house. And her nose is ALWAYS in my plate of food. Hmmmm. Have we met before? You don’t LOOK familiar? But it seems we know each other. I’d recognize that fursonality anywhere.

One day, Ivory decided she MUST have a collar. She set her eyes on Poor Honey’s collar and tried to take it right off her neck. My son had the idea to allow Ivory to wear Pretty Kitty’s collar – an honor we would never give any other cat. As soon as Ivory saw the jeweled red collar, she gingerly pawed it and stroked the collar with her cheek. She proudly pranced about in it, gazed at her reflection in the water fountain and walked much taller. Well of course! We all suspected, but didn’t dare hope it was so.

Welcome home again, Pretty Kitty. We have missed you. Ivory, it seemed, was home all along. Pretty Kitty – Ivory – well no matter what you call her, she always DID have to have her own way.

Now get to work Ivory, you pretty kitty. We’ve a lot of lives to change and a lot of work to do!


See you later,
Pretty Kitty
Maureen Dell'Olio