Pretty pie by Ann Neivalds / Anneka, Heidi, Mummy and Daddy

Pretty pie was the naughtiest cat in our neighbourhood. She got looked after by Jojo and brought up by him and when Pretty pie was 1 years old Pretty pie and Jojo had kittens. 6 little kittens had to be sold to different owners. As you probably know it is horrible to say goodbye to the cute kittens.
8 years later Jojo passed away from cancer and was gently layed into a wooded box and buried into the back yard.
Four years after that Pretty pie was acting very weirdly. Urinating on the carpet, collapsing on the stairs and nearly falling back down, giving up drinking and eating. Later on that day my beloved cat died. She was planning it a bit

I think because she waited till everyone was back at home because later she died laying next to the fire with bits of corn beef incase she recovered. Her last breaths was so sad to hear I just wanted to strangle myself to be with her. I will never forget you Pretty pie!


Lots of love and kisses
Pretty pie
Ann Neivalds