Princess by cindy chao / Mommy

Princess found me at a shelter when she was 10 weeks old. So sweet and so gentle, I decided I have to save her.
Instead, my sweet Princess had saved me.She stuck with me through thin and thick, hepled me to deal with my mom’s tragic death any most of all, she has shown me and given me the true source of unconditional love.
At the age of 4, she had gone through a hip replacement and a knee recontruction surguries back to back and came out like a champion. Life was good after that.
Last December, she was diagnosed with bone cancer. We began a journey of facing cancer and death together. Everyday was critical, everyday was precious, I gave her short walk everyday, rubbed her tiring foot and told her how much I love her. When chemotherapy and radiation treatments failed, when her conditions had gone worse, one Wednesday morning, she woke me up early and told me that she was ready to go and she really did not feel good, I made up my mind.
That night, we took a short walk, I held and kissed her thousand times, then we sat out at the yard and we both starred at the sky, it seemed to me that Princess knew that she was going to land at the Rainbow Bridge. She was put down the next morning, she went peacefully and slept like an angel.
I was so broken over her death, the pain was so severe and I took off from work for 3 days. God works in a mysterious way, first day when I went back, still had tears running down my face
when I walked into my office, my co-worker rushed to me and said there was a dog in the builder who would never leave. When I found him,
he was all there to say take me and I will be your friend. I could only have one explanation-
Princess sent him to me to mend my broken heart.
Of course, the rest is history, his name is BoBo
and his is sent by Princess.
My dear Princess, you took care of me while you were on earth, you even take care of me in heave.
I long to join you at the Rainbow Bridge. Till we meet again.


Love you forever,
cindy chao