Princess by Mary and Vicente / Momma 12/11/04

To My Little Princess

My sweet, precious little princess
Even though we had only five short days together
In your precious short life of two months
I will never forget your sweet little face
Or the joy that you brought me
Nor the lessons that you taught me
I miss you so much it hurts

From the first night that I saw you
Among your other brother and sisters
I knew that you were meant for me
And I planned to spent years with you
Anxious with anticipation to watch you grow up
To a beautiful young lady

Was there something that I could have done for you?
Have you been given me little signals?
I will never know
When you cried for the first time
Which was also the last time
Now it seemed that you were saying good-bye
Though there may be other puppies that come along after you
Your memory will always be in my thoughts
I miss you so much it breaks my heart

You will never know the joy that you brought me
You will never know the lessons that you tought me
My little princess, please know that your life had a meaning
And the lessons I shall never forget

Run along now, my little one
We will meet again one day
In that beautiful garden in the sky
Where there’s no pain or sorrow, but only happiness
And never again have to say good-bye


I love you always
7, Dec 2004
Mary and Vicente